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They won't charge anything and you can delete your payment method when you login.

1. Go to the site and click Start for free
2. Choose any category of business, and come up with a name (I chose a name similar to the domain name)

3. The next step, we enter the data for registration mail, name, surname, password. Click on next.

4. Next, enter the data from the card that you do not mind, and indicate all the information. They will not charge anything from the card for verification. Click further and on the next page we simply confirm.
The account is successfully registered, we go to the mail and confirm
After that, we log in to our account, go to the Online tab -> Domain -> Claim your Domain

5. Select the domain name
Go further, Fill in all the information again and click Submit After that you will receive confirmation of all information on mail

6. Follow the link and click Verify my Information, Go to the site
Click Online -> Domain
And we see that our domain is registered.

❗️Offer ends Dec 31, 2020
❗️Note : You can sign up using Debit or Credit card or Paypal even with zero balance. FREE 1 YEAR (.COM .ORG .NET .US .BIZ) DOMAIN FROM YAHOO!
[Image: dDT1QBf.png]

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