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Elite VIP upgrade
VIP Elite Upgrade:

Thank you for considering upgrading to the VIP group "Elite", the money from upgrades is used to improve the site.


* 250 Private Message space (Normal 50)
* Ability to add a signature
* Delete own posts posts
* Give positive/negative reputation 2 up to 3 times a day
* Give thread reputation 2 per day
* VIP Elite Userbar
* Custom name color 
* VIP upgrade trophy icon
* Post Polls
* Access to the VIP section

Userbar image:

[Image: ZLk1mZp.png]

Current Price:

Price: 10$*

How to pay?

All payments will be done through Bitcoin, Litecoin and/or Ethereum. 

Bitcoin Address: 1NT4oaWsPD5USAK7CdK9PKWCeSnyuHwQDz
Ethereum Address: 0x5C02836178993bC92A50C683282b59A84d3A60e0
Litecoin Address: LUSWp3dxgEX4CTjRbKUvWehy1RuRsLdaAz

For payments through any other crypto currency, please PM regarding that and/or to notify of payment Escobar
As soon as the payment has gone through, send a PM to the owner above and you will receive your upgrade ASAP.

Thank you for upgrading on Eliteforum, we appreciate it.

All donation(s) above 50$ will be given a custom forum Icon, this is however limited to 5 people. Current status : 5/5 remaining.
[Image: dDT1QBf.png]

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